September 28th, 2018

From Etel Adnan’s Night:

Memory can fail us…We then enter barrenness, we silence the mind’s deserts; a few events may emerge, oh so very few!

There must be non-human memories from where our own surges, take us to the next thing.

Memory and theatre work in similar ways. Memory trespasses our limits. Some animals hear it…some structures own it. Theatre started with the Greek oracle. In Delphi. When the Pythia was uttering her sound, her cry, she was passing a message from one world to an other, so that it be stored in the human memory, and the people were watching, and the event was becoming a representation.

Thus a remembered event is a return to a mystery. When that happened for the first time, in pre-ancestral times, the creature that witnessed it as a return to the past was shattered.