October 4th, 2016

It’s been three months since my last event and I have spent the summer and early autumn preparing for what will most likely be a severe and testing trial: a crucible.

When I wrote, published and promoted PEDAL, I wanted to change the way people talk about abuse. I wanted more open conversations about abuse: the abuse we experience and the abuse we inflict on others.

Abuse occurs on a continuum and abuse escalates. Minor abuse, unchecked, will get worse.

I tell people now: don’t report. Don’t report to an institution or to the police. Don’t report because of the mechanisms in place securing and maintaining current power structures–power structures that already don’t include you. (When you are abused, you have no power; when you report abuse, you have no power.)

Don’t report. Instead, yell it from the rooftops, if you can. Tell everyone what happened, if you can. Tattoo it on your forehead, if you can. And if you can’t, come to me.

The Backs of Women, June 2016

The Backs of Women, June 2016