December 22nd, 2015

REAL STYLE NETWORK has named Chelsea Rooney an “emerging Canadian writer to watch for.” I’m in good company on this list, and very happy for the shout out. Check it out!


September 16, 2015

I was thrilled to visit the University of British Columbia’s Okanagan Campus and do a reading and discussion for the Creative Writing program’s Visiting Author Series. What a beautiful campus and a warm and critical class of writers. Thank you Michael V. Smith and Matt Radar for inviting me.


July 22nd, 2015

NEW REVIEW OF PEDAL ON LITERARY GOON: “Rooney has specifically chosen a repulsive and uncommercial topic as her primary source of creative inspiration, and that’s not for everyone…These aren’t comfortable or fun questions, but Pedal is undeniably fun to read regardless—and not just because Rooney is a playful and evocative prose-smith.”

Pedal, by Chelsea Rooney

July 17th, 2015

CBC NAMES CHELSEA A “WRITER TO WATCH”: I’ve been listening to CBC Books since I had ears. They curated this list, and I’m thrilled to be on it: WRITERS TO WATCH, 2015.


July 14th, 2015

“Rooney crafts a gripping story in murky territory.” Thank you Broken Pencil for this glowing review of PEDAL.

broken pencil


July 8th, 2015

“Gutsy, innovative, beautiful, lively…” Thank you to Alexis Kienlen at the Daily Herald Tribune for her thoughtful review of PEDAL.

daily herald tribune

July 6th, 2015

I’m honoured that Chapters employee Tracy from Toronto has chosen PEDAL as “the book every Canadian should read.” I obviously couldn’t agree more. Have a look!

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 9.49.43 PM

June 14th 2015

Award-winning author Alix Hawley started a fantastic new Q&A series called Storybrain, and invited me to talk about PEDAL for her inaugural post. Read it here!

Chelsea and Alix

Alix and me in the lobby of Four Seasons during the First Novel Award week in Toronto.

June 13th, 2015

Congratulations to Alix Hawley, author of ALL TRUE NOT A LIE IN IT, and winner of the 2015 First Novel Award! We had a blast together in Toronto, and the honour couldn’t have gone to a nicer person. Not only that, but Alix’s writing is the stuff author dreams are made of: pristine, sharp prose, with mellifluous rhythm. I very much look forward to reading with her in the future. All the nominees were wonderful; check them out here: Sean Michaels, Emma Hooper, and Guillaume Morissette.


The Finalists: Sean Michaels, Emma Hooper, Guillaume Morissette, Chelsea Rooney, Alix Hawley

Me Amazon

Me, giving a little sass at the podium.