June 15th, 2017

Room Magazine invited me to be their feature interview for their Summer 2017 issue, and I was lucky enough to talk about PEDAL with writer and editor Navneet Nagra. If you don’t already subscribe to Room, you should. This issue also features fantastic stories from fellow friends and writers Carleigh Baker and Erika Thorkelson.

July 2nd, 2017

Writer and editor Nav Nagra joins me to talk about her upcoming Migration issue with Room Magazine. Listen here!

June 10th, 2017

Jordan Weir from Feminist Book Club wrote a new review for PEDAL and it’s pretty great. “It will shock you at first, but it’s worth it.” Check it out here.

May 28th, 2017

Shazia Hafiz Ramji is the new poetry editor for PRISM International and has just won the 2017 Robert Kroetsch for Innovative Poetry. Her poetry chapbook Prosopopoeia is available with Anstruther Press, and her full-length collection Port of Being will be out next year. We chatted about addiction, depression, writing and UBC. Listen.

May 29th, 2017

As a Visiting Fellow for the Kuldip Gill Writing Fellowship, I returned to the University of the Fraser Valley and spoke to Trevor Carolan’s class about the fine line between fiction and fact.


May 13th, 2017

FINAL SWOON: I was honoured to read at the final Swoon Reading Series with fantastic writers Christina Myers, Curtis LeBlanc, D.S. Stymeist and Rob Taylor. I told a story about the first time Taylor and I kissed and it was pretty swoon-y.

April 9th, 2017

Thrilled to be a part of Literary Crush Fest with Dina Del Bucchia, Daniel Zomparelli, Amber Dawn and Jen Sookfong Lee at the legendary Pulp Fiction on Main Street.

May 14th, 2017

Tenille Campbell is a Dene and Métis author from English River First Nation in Northern Saskatchewan. She completed her MFA in Creative Writing from UBC and is in her fourth year of PhD studies at the University of Saskatchewan, focusing in Indigenous Literature. Her poetry collection casts a gaze upon Indigenous Erotica and the humour within. Listen!

February 6, 2017

REVIEW: A great review of PEDAL in Raspberry Mag. “Part of this novel’s dark and irresistible beauty comes from its blatant dramatic irony; it’s blatantly obvious that Julia needs some kind of paternal closure to move forward, both in life and in her thesis, and yet she so fervently and loudly denies it that the reader begins to doubt it, too. This tense juxtaposition winds the novel tighter and tighter, until it seems as though something has to give. But will it be Julia or the reader’s own certainty that gives way first?” Check it out. 

May 7th, 2017

Laura Yan, a multi-talented fiction and nonfiction author, joined me to talk about her experiences as an immigrant to America and what we can call do in the face of Trump politics. Her messages of hope and triumph were truly inspiring. Listen here!